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Ballbusting for Justice Superheroes

Two superheroes are training together when they start to discuss a weakness, their balls…

Just last week the White Spider let a villain get away after he got kneed in the nuts.  The Blue Badger thinks they need to be better prepared for this, so they train, hard, on each others balls.



I’m still not a hundred percent on version two here but I’ve been desperate to post something and I have so many works-in-progress to finish that I’m a bit overwhelmed.  I’m hoping to refine this soon, and I’m really hoping I get a chance to do some work in the coming weeks. 

I have a non-superhero version of this but the superhero one seemed to delicious.  

In the meantime, my characters Kid Wonder and Shadow Wing have both been captured by some really bad, bad guys.  And as they arrive all nicely bound-up via separate vans to the evil lair, these boys know there in for some serious bad-guy payback.  

Thoughts, feedback and critique always appreciated.  

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